About SoCal Jet Boats

Here is a little bit of who we are and how SoCal Jet Boats came to be! We are a Husband & Wife duo that have a passion for boating! 

We are often asked what exactly SoCal Jet Boats is and how we ended up in Las Vegas, Nevada! 

Well, are you ready for a little story? In 2006 my cousin Kyle and I started restoring the family boat we grew up on 16′ 1969 Wriedt Stinger. At this time I was living in Orange County, California. There was not a lot of information out on the internet on how to do things yourself. We were on a limited budget and minimal knowledge, so I created the SoCal Jet Boats Forum; for a place for like minded people to go for information, to help each other out, to recommend materials – a jet boating online community. It didn’t take long before friendships were formed and we all started meeting up at the lake and along the Colorado River. In 2008 during the economy crash, I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and started working full time at one of the major casinos on the strip. I was working on SoCal Jet Boats before and after work, out of the house. 

In 2015 we started the SCJB Summer Tour with 7 stops along the Colorado River from Laughlin, Nevada to Yuma, Arizona. At these events we invite anyone and everyone to just come hang out and enjoy the water with our community. We bring a select amount of our T-shirts, hats, and other merchandise for our “Pop up Shop”.

In 2015, I met Brittney. She jumped right in head first into SoCal Jet Boats and helped out with whatever was needed, including folding shirts, managing inventory and coming up with some of the popular designs you see today!

In 2019 we got married and I pulled the trigger on quitting the corporate life and running SoCal Jet Boats full time. The house and garage was the hub for our online store. We purchased a embroidery machine and screen printing press to bring our production in-house. We were running out of space and going crazy! In January 2021 we moved our business into a local warehouse. In June of 2021, Brittney quit her corporate job and now we are both running SoCal Jet Boats full time!

We are now screen printing and embroidering most of our own products in-house. Every shirt is printed, folded and bagged by us. Every order is processed by us. We are just a small business, not a huge staffed warehouse. So know that we aren’t a fully staffed shipping facility like Amazon.

One of our purposes with SoCal Jet Boats is to support the community that supports us. We support and sponsor boat racers and boat racing events. Most of our proceeds go back into the industry via race sponsorships and doing business within the industry. 

We are excited for what is to come, if you are in the Las Vegas area please stop by and check out our warehouse! 

If you haven’t yet signed up for the Forum where it all started, it is absolutely free. Sign up, feel at home and contribute to the best website for the hobby we all love! 

-Brad & Britt