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SoCal Jet Boats is the #1 online performance boating community forum related to Jet Boats, established in 2006. Yes, that means we are going on 16 years old! Each year SoCal Jet Boats and its members host 6+ events a year on the Colorado River between Laughlin and Yuma, this is called the Summer Tour. We also support local racers and racing organizations including the ADBA, NJBA, SCSC, SDBA. Most of our proceeds go back into the industry via race sponsorships or doing business within the industry.  The forum has a wealth of information on building boats, best places to go, and so much more to offer. We are glad you're here!

So feel at home, click around, sign up, and contribute to the best website for the hobby we all love!

SoCal Jet Boats 2022 Summer Tour

The dates and locations for our 2022 Summer Tour have been announced! These events are not organized races or shows. They are purely just "get togethers" where fellow boaters get together to meet up. All boat types are welcome!

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